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Monday, 11 February 2013

The Pink Hibiscus Flower

 A few years ago, I found myself impressed with the large variety and multitude of colors that the hibiscus flowers presented themselves with. I decided to collect as many varieties as possible so my garden would be full of colors all year round.
Most common color and variety of Hibiscus Flower
 The default garden design provided by our landscaping company had the traditional red flower (Hibiscus rosa-sinesis) hibiscus plants all around the perimeter of my garden, which I slowly started replacing with other exotic varieties that I could find, during my numerous "city wandering" trips!   

I was very selective about the ones that I collected since I didn’t want to buy the usual varieties that most garden centers offered. 

I was successful in getting five of the hibiscus plants established; three of which had large white, orange and purple flowers; of the other two, one had light pink and the other, dark pink. 

Unfortunately, orange and purple could not adjust to the fencing that I got done and eventually died out.  
Beautiful white.. survivor!
Another Survivor .. Dark Pink Hibiscus.

 I trained my light pink hibiscus plant to grow tall without many branches; it looks like it is perennially extending up towards the blue sky.

Gorgeous Pink Flowers in the blue sky

From my kitchen window, I often see people in my neighborhood on their morning walk, stopping for a minute, to appreciate my pink hibiscus flowers hovering in the blue sky! 

The green background comes from a banana plant leaf!

The plant is at least 14 feet in height!

The Purple-rumped Male Sun bird
But what pleases me most is the sight of a sun bird fluttering its wings and trying to get nectar out of a pink hibiscus flower, which  also appears to be dancing to the movements of the bird!

It is a national geographic moment in front of me, except, standing in the kitchen, I can’t get this scene on my camera because of the grill on the kitchen window! Also, I don’t have enough open space to go for a good angle to shoot on that side of the garden.

This is the Girlfriend!
Sometimes, I find myself saying hello to a bird rarely seen by me perched on the kitchen window grill! 

Found my bug protein for the day!

I marvel at another dark blue bird that I sometimes spot in my garden. If there is enough sunlight, the plumage shows astounding colors, and the glowing metallic blue especially looks stunning!  

Come back for my favorite hibiscus tea recipe, which I plan to post soon!


  1. Pretty flowers, pretty sun bird and a pretty write up.Your garden must be a treat to watch. Enjoy every moment of it.

    1. My garden has its interesting elements or so called "family members" that make it very attractive.

      Thanks for your comments Kala!

      Take care.

  2. Beautiful colors

  3. Good collection of Hibiscus... am sure there are lot of other varieties u can fine.. ex: layered ones and thick petals variety.

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.