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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Parakeets: Do they have feet or hands?

That is precisely what I was wondering when I saw the parakeet that was sitting on my neighbor’s flowering tree (Caesalpinia  pulcherrima) helping himself to the green beautiful seeds! Did I say “himself”? From the way its face is, with that domineering birsonality'', I strongly believe that it is a male! 
This one looks like it even has a moustache!

Thinking about which one below to pick!

It was amazing to watch how versatile the parakeet was, in using its feet and beak together in picking (or pecking at) the seedpods, opening it and taking out the shiny green seeds and bringing them to its mouth, while I was clicking away!

Success on the first focused attempt itself!

Hmm... I am sure there is a huge amount of balance and talent required for this activity!

The face of contentment!
A green parakeet was sitting on a (green) tree with red flowers pecking at the shiny green peas with his red beaks! What a beautiful sight! I thought it was worth sharing!

And btw, did you know that parakeets have eye lashes too? So, it’s not just the “lady” bugs that have eye lashes, Alright ?

I remember the time about 7 years back when my younger child was about 3 years of age, there was news about the West Nile Virus infection being spread through infected mosquitoes. My daughter reported that she was probably bitten by a mosquito that was sitting in the bathroom. So I asked her to describe the mosquito (maybe there was something about the species/look of the certain mosquito that was spreading the disease). She said it was a female mosquito. I asked her how she could figure out that it was a female. She said that the mosquito had eye lashes! 

How I wish I had kept track of all the funny things my children said while they were growing up! Having children and raising them makes me go through the growing up process one more time. I understand myself who I was and what type of kid I was, as a child! That helps me to do a better job as a mother since I know how I felt, as a child in a certain situation! 

This is especially true of my younger child! I feel so blessed that I am going through this awareness of who I was, as a child, since I always thought of myself as a difficult child!


  1. Its not about the hands or legs- its about the brains that they have got and how to use them to the best that amazes me. Its little beautiful beings like these that exposes the immense capability of our brains and how less we use them. Shame on us!