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Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Surprise Flower that visited my Garden

There was this surprise flower that came up on its own in my garden. It was a total surprise since I had no indication whatsoever, of this plant growing in my garden, forget about a flower appearing on the top of the plant! I have also posted an image of this flower on Google + about  2 days ago. But in case you haven’t seen it, I am going to describe my pure, extremely delightful  excitement this surprise flower made me experience !
Flower in the morning light
I had a really crazy morning on the day in question. My younger one woke up with an upset stomach and I was dealing with her sickness. There was news of a transformer burning due to which, we were deprived of electricity all night. The fans were running because of the stored battery power (inverter) but it was such a hot night, I kept waking up many times and kept on trying to go back to sleep. 

When I found out what was happening with my daughter, I tossed my crankiness into the trash bin and started going about the day as if nothing really happened.  

In India, during the course of the day, you could really not predict who might show up on your door unannounced. It may be your milk man, domestic helper, gardener, electrician, newspaper person - you name it, they are all pressing your door bell (and pushing your buttons) for some reason! 

So, my morning went about having to attend to these impromptu visitors and the garden supervisor was one among them. At 11 am, I hadn’t had my breakfast when he showed up in my garden (to request me to check the watering) . I told him it better be important! 

And  there, all of a sudden this beautiful flower made its way into my tired and bored vision. It seemed to yell out, “Why aren’t you looking at me?!” I was so astonished that I  screamed so loud that the garden supervisor jumped back with a jerk; it looked like he got struck by lighting! 
Flower babies on its trunk

I screamed so loud not because this flower wasn’t supposed to exist in the middle of the lawn but because this flower was so beautiful! A gorgeous shade of dark pink adorned its top, gradually blending into a lighter tone going down, then ultimately ending in a wonderful light green. It just has one central stem/body covered with leaves all around. 
Yellow Flower Babies

 And the most interesting part is the little yellow flower babies that it is sporting all over its body! The first time I saw, it had just 2 or 3 of them; today she has several of them. 

I was frustrated not finding the identity of this flower/plant on the internet, and just some time back, a photographer had pointed it out to me that they are wild turmeric flowers. I did have turmeric in my garden for a few years now, and from the root stalk, this flower developed due to, may be excessive watering.

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  1. Lovely images, especially the middle one...

  2. Glad you liked it. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting.. Glad you like the flowers.

  4. Superb flower. Equally good at blog too. Such wild flowers I have seen in Kerala road sides in hilly areas. My wife says tuis is called "Kasturi manjal". Will revert later on this